Sunday, January 31, 2010

I have shifted!

I have shifted, yet again....

thank you for following me...

Friday, January 29, 2010

Lets have some lessons

Lesson 1: Don't Shout

Why do people need to shout in order to get things done? I am definitely not a kid, I think I can get a girl pregnant by now? What I am trying to say is that, we are adults. Can I still consider myself a young adult? I doubt so.. If you talk to the person and the person dont listen to you,

1) that means, the person don't really care
2) the conversation doesn't have anything to do with that person
3) the person has lost his respect towards you

so before you use words to threaten me please bare in mind that I am not a kid, and even if you shout, what makes you think that things will get better? and what makes you think people will listen? Even when at home, my mom or my siblings shouted at me, I will asked them back, "why do you need to shout in the first place? can you just talk nicely?"

Yes, you can talk nicely. and Yes, people will respect you. and Yes people will listen more. and Yes, people will approach you more. So lesson learn, people just don't respect you just like that,

Respect Need To Be Earned.

Lesson 2: Unlike you, Some people have a life outside their working life.

Don't judge a book by its cover. Try imagine this, a very sexy lady walk pass, wearing some high fashion clothes, high heels and Gucci beg. She walk passed. What is your first impression? My impression will be, rich girl, party animal and probably born with a silver spoon.

We can have all kind of thoughts about other people but we need to bare in mind these people does have responsibilities and a life to run. Behind those beautiful clothes or rather those pretty faces that keep on smiling, there could be a hardship that the person is handling or had to go through.

Lesson 3; Don't be scared of another Human Being..

Why do we feel scared? Because the person is taller than us? Because the person yelled at us? Because the person is his/her higher authority?

Let me tell you guys one thing, you can only feel scared when you did something wrong. Other than that, I don't think we should feel scared of any human beings on earth except for Him, God. Unless I did something wrong or you are a God, then I will feel threatened and scared.

Lesson 4: Don't compare

We are born with strengths and weaknesses. We are different in many ways. I hate when people compare me with other people. I hate them when they say, "If I can do it, why can't you?". We need to stop saying that, because each individuals have different techniques of learning and some people take a longer time to absorb what they learning.

For example, it is proven them some people learn by visual and some by audio. And some people need both. So don't compare me with other people will you?

This post doesn't have to be related to anyone or anyone that has to do with my life. If you think this post meant for you, then please take all these three lessons seriously.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Its time.


Friday, January 22, 2010

In camp... doing duty.

I should be at home right now helping my sis out with Nor Ilham.
I should be at home right now with my relatives and friends who came to look at him.
I should be at home right now preparing for my advance birthday celebration tomorrow.

Instead I'm in camp doing duty.

Making calls to my mom and sister from camp.
Making calls to my bestfriends from camp for tomorrow outing.

Its 10.17pm and I think Im going to head to bed instead of doing duty cause I need all the energy for tomorrow. Please, no reporting sick tonight!

I cant wait for tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An advance Birthday Gift

Nor Ilham

Everyone meet Nor Ilham.....My advance birthday gift from my sister. He was born on the 19 January 2010 at 6.47pm, weight: 1.995kg. After almost nearly, 24hours of battling in the ward, he was born in the world. I just got back from the hospital, spent the whole day there and now Im going back to camp. My sister will be discharge tomorrow latest by 1pm and I cant see her and the baby till Saturday.

Whoever put me on duty this friday, DAMN U! haha!!! Its gonna be a busy week. Will be back home on Saturday morning, maybe take a short nap and off to meet my bestfriend for my celebration! To Attiqa and Faridah, I meet you guys up on Sunday afternoon. More news about my business sooon! Its all in the making!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Music Review

Whats up loves? Its a sundae afternoon and probably everyone is out right now enjoying their weekend! Its ok.. Im gonna stay home, got a lot of things to do.. Meanwhile, I would like to share you guys whats hot and new on my play-list!

Cheryl Cole - Parachute

This UK pop queen is a former Girls Aloud member, she realeased some interesting singles last year but this year she released a new single, which is my personal favourite for now, titled Parachute. You guys are listening to it now. Do follow up on her previous single, 3 words, which featured no other than the famous Black Eyed Peas member / Producers, You also will remember her from a duet she made with on Heartbreaker.

Catch on the Live version here.

Melanie Fiona - Give it to me right

Another UK artist that I think should deserve a better recognition for her music. To me she is the soulful version of Amy Winehouse. She kinda look like her too! She released this single last year but it seems her label was not promoting her that well. Beside this first single, her second single, It kills me, earned her a grammy nomination this year. Well done!

Kelis - Acapella

She is back! Im so happy for her. After giving birth to a baby boy, she is back working on her new album. In fact her new album will be out early this year, she also confirm that, "definately a video for this single" on her recent interview. This track was produced by David Guetta. Her new album, FleshTones, will also featured some of produced tracks. Definitely, a comeback with full of expectations from her fans.

I really hope the best for her, as you all know that US music market are not doing so good for the past years which result in many US artist making the run for it to the UK, trying to make an impact. I think the US should give a chance to new artist and not just concentrating on artist with looks and fame, a.k.a Rihanna, that they are missing so much on pure talent. Lets make it simple, US market are stuck! They are stuck in an era and not wanting to move on.


Something................ of everything 2

Its 1.37am, Audioslave - Like a stone, is playing repeating on the notebook and its a sunday! Already? So fast! Why does my weekends feel so short as the weeks goes by? Damnnnn.... not looking forward to go back to camp tomorrow.

I slept on last weekend post. So here are some of the photos,

Its great to see my chinese friends again last Saturday. I really mean it! All thanks to Pei Wen for inviting me to her birthday party. I hope she likes my birthday gift. :p To my dearest Wen Hui, we will meet again very soon next month maybe? with Kristin this time!

And last Sunday was my niece, Hana. 1rst birthday! How cute is she? Tooooo cuteeeeeeee! Feel like squeezing her pretty face on my both hands! I didnt have time to buy her some toys, but I handed some money! Spend it wisely for your milk and pampers alrighty!?

Supposedly to meet my ITE friends just now but everyone couldn't make it. Sorry to my dear Shirley, lets do it next month instead cause I'm so not free next week. Hope you are not angry with me!

So instead, I went out with ma Family to buy some baby stuff! Who knew all the baby stuffs are sooo waaaay toooo expensive! and I thought the smaller things are, the cheaper it is! Boy, I was so wrong. Then drop by at my brother's house to drop an advance baby shower gift! A rocker for the unborn child! Then off to dinner with them, my sister was so looking forward to buy some beef Satay but only chicken Satay left. She wasss so bumped! Had so much interesting talk over dinner!

My sister told me, when the baby can talk, he can call you "busu". I laughed my ass off! For those who don't know what "busu" means, it means the youngest uncle or aunty. Make me sound so old la sey! But, its time to face the fact, I'm not getting any younger! Can't wait for her to pop!

Will update more tomorrow before I go to camp.

Holaaaaaa at Farhana Binte Kadir Khan, Happy Birthday to my goooood friend! Get married soooon! HAHAHAH

My sister asked me the other day,

"If I were to sign up for facebook, can people just save and take my photos...???"

and I said yes and asked why.... and she said...

"So like that people can take your photo and voodoo u is it?"

Lol. How cute can my sister be???

Good night Loves.